Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Food Truck Rodeo

Recently we discovered that once a month, during the summer, food trucks from around town gather together at the Rochester Public Market for all to enjoy. Matthew and I were excited to get a chance to explore the possibilities and hoped to find interesting, delicious food. I was also very happy to try more sushi from the Stingray SushiFusion truck I discovered at the Lilac Festival a few months back.

Sushi "trash" Plate

We thought it would make it even more fun if we shared the experience with our new friends Janae and Rob. They recently moved to Rochester for Rob's residency and we are happy they are in our ward at church.

The donuts were divine!

There were so many trucks to choose from and I wanted something from all of them, but my stomach isn't that big and neither is our budget. We were still able to try a lot though and it was yummy! It has been hard to find really exciting food in Rochester coming from Seattle, but these food trucks didn't disappoint and I've learned that we just have to look a little harder around here to find great food.

E didn't want to miss out on all the eating!

Avocado, bacon, sweet potato hash...what more could you ask for!

L: Thai Bao R: Shrimp Thai Fried Rice

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Just Keep Swimming

This month has been a hard one and I have a feeling it is just going to get harder. Matthew's schoolwork is overwhelming and on top of it he has started clinical work, so between the two I hardly see him. I feel badly for doing things without him, especially when they involve E, but I have realized that I will go crazy if I wait for Matthew. I will make attempts to schedule new and really fun things for when he can be there, but otherwise I will just have to take pictures and video and share that with him.

This summer has been very cool so far, so there haven't been many days that are good for swimming. The first attempt that we made to introduce E to the wonderful world of the pool failed. So when today was forecasted to be warm, I took the Cruzes up on their offer to come over and swim. Unfortunately, today wasn't as warm as predicted and last minute showers were expected, but it was still warmer than the last time we tried and the sun was out, so we attempted it anyway!

E wasn't sure about the water at first, but with time she really seemed to enjoy it! After swimming we decided to walk down the street and eat at Moe's. It was good. As I was ordering my food Francisco called to me and pointed out that Matthew was just outside on his bike. This was slightly alarming to me as he was supposed to be at the library so I ran out of the store to call him over. I soon realized that he was actually coming to meet us. He had tried calling me, but I didn't hear my phone so he called Francisco who let him know where we were. It turns out that the computer server was down and Matthew couldn't get the information he needed in order to work on his paper. It was nice to have him there, but frustrating that he couldn't make progress on his paper.

It looks like Francisco is biting E's hand in this one and I thought it was funny!

Saturday, July 12, 2014


One of the things I've looked forward to since coming to Rochester is the opportunity to go to the Hill Cumorah Pageant. Matthew and I were asked if we would be willing to be greeters with our friends the Cruzes, before one of the shows so we decided to make a night of it. Before the show we went to the "Chill n Grill", a yummy burger and shake joint in Palmyra.

The Cruzes and Carolyn

The ice cream was delicious!

We then headed over to the hill, saved some seats and then went to the entrance to greet other visitors. It was fun to have E with us. There is something about having a baby with you that makes it easier for others to be open to talking to you, especially strangers. I don't know how often I am stopped and talked to or smiled at--correction--I don't know how often I am stopped so people can talk to and smile at E! It was no different in this situation.

About 15 minutes before the show started, I brought E back to our seats, changed her into her pajamas and rocked her to sleep. Before I set her in the stroller for the night, Matthew and I were able to grab a couple pictures with some of the cast members. First we bumped into our friend and follow ward member Brenton. His wife Sabrina was also there, but she had already gone back stage to get ready because she was an angel/trumpeter in the opening scene. We also got a picture with the three wise men.

The show was interesting. I enjoyed it, although I did think it was a little cheesy. Matthew and I tried taking a bunch of photos, but it was hard to make much out of them. I am not a master when it comes to taking pictures at night with bright lights. Everything comes out blurry. I did get a few ok shots though!

Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life

Christ visiting the Nephites

Saturday, July 5, 2014


This summer we've decided that we want to go on some of the local hikes and luckily we have friends who are also interested. Today we went on a hike that was more like a stroll with our friend Richard and his boy D as well as one of their friends that is visiting from Boston. This hike was on Native American land that also had plaques, interesting facts about the plants in the area, statues and a long house.

We forgot E's hat at home, but D was willing to let her borrow one of his hats!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

High Five!

Today marks five months since E's birth! It just so happens that today is also her cousin N's 3rd birthday and my parents anniversary.

E started off her month by going on her first airplane ride to take a trip out west to Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Seattle to see family and friends.

While on the trip she learned a few new tricks. She started standing if someone held her under her armpits and loved it even more if she was bounced. Our friend Danielle got her a bouncer and she loves hanging out and bouncing in it.

She also started to press her lips together and blow raspberries or at least I think that is the term. I tried to get a video but wasn't ever able to. I don't know if she learned how to do it from Matthew and me giving her zerberts, but one day while on our trip she started doing it.

This is the face she would make when blowing

Besides expanding her traveling repertoire, E also expanded her outdoor activities by going camping. She still hasn't made it back to the pool, but maybe one day soon.

E shows us more and more of her personality everyday. She is silly and loves to laugh. Recently her laugh has grown and she has been laughing at pretty much everything. I will start talking and she laughs, I cough or sneeze and she laughs, I make all sorts of noises and she laughs. She also continues to make awesome funny faces.

She has also expanded her noise vocabulary; she squeals, growls and even yells out now. It still seems like she is taking turns when talking sometimes. She will be babbling while playing on the floor with her toys and when I come in and talk to her she gets quiet and smiles at me and then when I'm done she will start talking again. It's fun.

E has also discovered the joys of bringing everything to her mouth. If she can get her hands on it, it goes straight to the mouth. The percentage of drool has also increased! She has learned how to grab the pacifier out of her mouth and put it back in again.

A few physical skills she has learned include: sitting up without support (she has to be leaning over on her arms and we have to be right there with her because she doesn't stay up long), while on her tummy she is experimenting with trying to grab toys, while on her back she has started grabbing her feet and occasionally rolling to her side. Interestingly, she has stopped rolling from her tummy to her back, she just stays on her tummy and often falls asleep there.

E still loves sitting in the bumbo, cuddling, taking rides in the Moby wrap and we think she really is beginning to love baths (for the most part she just sits there without much expression, but it is easy to get her to smile and she often kicks her feet).

She loves the Bumbo so much we have caught her sleeping in it

Challenges this month: E loves to be around people and to be a part of what is going on, so much so that she will put off eating and sleeping until she is so tired or exhausted that she has freak out moments. This makes it challenging when we aren't home or if there isn't a quiet place to retreat to for a little bit.