Friday, October 3, 2014


Today E is 8 months old! It has been really fun to see E gain mobility this month. She has started to army crawl! She is still fairly slow at it and doesn't go far yet, but it's still fun to see her move around. It's also nice that although she is sitting very well and no longer needs a pillow behind her. She can't transition from sitting to her belly yet, so if I want her to stay in one spot all I have to do is sit her up. I know this won't last long so I'm taking full advantage of it now!

E continued to expand her food repertoire including different varieties of fruits and veggies as well as different consistencies of food such as baby puffs and scrambled eggs. She has also tried out strawberry and banana chunks in a food net. She had fun making a big mess and chewing on the net and handle.

 Green Beans

Chomping on the net

Strawberries and bananas al over her face

Eating Puffs


and bananas


She started blowing raspberries/bubbles again as well as making a popping noise with her lips.

E grew her first tooth this month! I was worried about how well she was going to do with teething, but she has done fairly well so far. During the day there has been no change in her temperament, she is just as happy as ever. She has had some difficulty with staying asleep at night, but once we started to give her a dose of tylenol right before bed she hasn't had a problem.

E found her shadow one bright morning this month and played with it as well as Mommy's shadow for at least 30 minutes!

There are a few things that E always enjoys: music and bouncing. This month she also found her dancing skills. She will sway back and forth anytime she hears anything close to being considered music whether she is sitting, being held or on her tummy.

We have also determined that E does like being tossed in the air. We weren't sure for a little bit because she would make a terrified looking face on occasion, but there is no guessing now. She smiles and even laughs when we toss her up.

E continues to also love bath time. Recently we started using the shower head instead of a cup and she loves it! She is always reaching out for it and she loves it when I sing "Drip drip drop little April showers" while sprinkling the water on her head after turning the water off.

She started sleeping on her tummy this month and now we often find her with her legs tucked up underneath her and her bottom in the air.

 Sometimes she sleeps on her hands and leaves an imprint.

E also started shaking her head no and reaching out for the camera anytime I try and take pictures. Everything she can get her hands on goes right into her mouth.

We've had a lot of fun this month including a daddy/daughter campout and a 5k. We are very excited to have our friends Anthony and Laura visiting and for Halloween!

E really likes to make a squeaky noise with her fingers along her tray and the linoleum 

E saw this bench in Rochester on our way to the 5k and had to sit under the tree. It was just her size!

Where's E? There she is!