Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Birthday Bash

This year Matthew and I decided to start a new tradition to celebrate birthdays. We decided it would be fun to decorate E's door and crib with balloons and streamers while she was sleeping so that when she woke up she would have a special surprise. E really loved all the balloons on her crib and she was so excited about the streamers that she torn it down before lunch time and I had to re-hang some before her pizza party that night.

Matthew and I had decided that we didn't want to do anything too big for E's birthday because she wouldn't remember it, but we did want to invite some friends over for pizza and dessert.

I wanted to have a small theme for the party, but wasn't sure what I should do until one morning when I saw E crawl up to one of her stuffed animals and hug and kiss it. I immediately decided that the theme had to include animals. After all, her nickname is Elefante, her room has an animal theme and she seems to love any animal she sees. I looked on Pintrest and found a few patterns for animal ear headbands and knew that's what I wanted to make. I even found a pattern for elephant ears! I already had lots of left over felt from our halloween costumes and the headbands would double as a great gift for E too!

It was a fun party and E seemed to have a good time. She devoured a slice of pizza and loved to just sit and watch all of the people who had come to celebrate with us. When it came time for the cake she giggled at the singing and had no idea what to do when we put the cupcake in front of her. She stared at it for a minute and after putting her hand in the icing, shook her hand and flung the icing on me and all over the floor. Once we broke open the cupcake and got her to taste a small bite of it, she realized it was food and the cupcake had no chance!

After getting cleaned up, E opened gifts! Of course her favorite part was pulling everything out of the bag! The rest of the evening she played hard until she crashed. She was so tired that I was able to change her into her PJs without waking her. We are so thankful to all our friends for coming and celebrating E with us!