Monday, August 27, 2012

We Grew a Pepper

We grew a pepper and it was yummy! I was so excited, not only that something did grow, but more importantly, to try the first thing that our garden grew.

Here are some pics of the other plants that are growing in our garden:

Can you see the little pepper nubs in these pictures?

Our tomatoes keep growing!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


This weeks Mt. Adams training hike was Snow and Gem Lake. It was a beautiful, hot day and Alex and Liz suggested we bring something to swim in. It was definitely a better experience than Mailbox Peak. While jumping into the lakes we discovered the burst mode on our camera and got a few action shots.

Snow Lake

About to jump into Gem Lake

It was cold!

Very cold!

So cold there was ice floating in the lake!

But after the initial pain and shock of it all, it actually felt really nice. 
And now we are hardcore!

Liz needed a bathroom break and if you look closely you can see her lookout, Alex, in blue!

Back at Snow Lake

Burst shots of Liz jumping in:

Burst shots of Alex jumping in:

We also got some video footage of our escapades:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Taylor Time

The Taylor's came to visit Matthew and I this past week. The first surprise they gave us was showing up on our doorstep about 24 hours before we expected them! This week has been full of fun and adventures. We went to the coast and explored the beach, we spent part of the day in the Hoh Rainforest, we went into the "Twilight" zone (the vampire and werewolf one), we stopped to check out a waterfall on our way to ride the ferry, we saw the 3 Billy goats gruff and the Troll, we ate some seafood and lots of potato wedges, we rode the monorail and we went swimming, swimming swimming! Here take a look:
Drive to the Coast:

First glimpse of the ocean:

We learned that the bumps on the trees are a sort of tumor, but they aren't harmful to the trees. I thought  the tree that was growing back because of the wind was really cool.

 The Forks Motel:

 The Hoh Rainforest:

We were amazed at how clear this stream was. I think that the most amazing thing was how bright green the plants were.

This line of trees grew over a nursing log

Madeleine found herself a house
 Madeleine and Spencer found this "octopus" plant while exploring around our picnic table

 La Push Beach:

While Madeleine, Liz and Zac explored the beach:

Matt, me and the nephews looked for tide pools and sea creatures: 

 Beach Campfire!

I forgot how awesome flying a kite was, especially one with two handles!

 On our way back home:

Cole took this picture of the fog rolling in

There was a traffic jam on our way home so we enjoyed the sunroof

 Pit Stop!

"C" is for Colbert

The tiny blue flowers are forget me nots!

Banana Slug Sighting: 

Cole had been hoping to see one of these our entire trip. I'm glad he and Spencer found one.

Waiting for the Ferry:

These fountains were created to represent both submarines and orcas!

 The Ferry Ride:


Each time we go to Fremont we find something new, like a map of our solar system, with other random items. The kids took a picture by their favorite object.

 Downtown Seattle:

The Monorail:

 Pike Place Market and the Pier:

Matthew said that he thought he could finish all the potato wedges, so we piled them up and this was his and Cole's reaction!

 The Pool Party:

Anytime we were at the apartment, the kids were at the pool, Cole's toe proves it!

We always have fun with the Taylor's and this visit was no different. Even in tight quarters I would say we all got along marvelously. Can't wait to spend more time with them!