Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Day on the Lake

This sure has been a busy week and to top it off Matthew and I spent most of yesterday out on Phantom Lake with members in our ward.

We spent the morning and early afternoon hanging out with members of the Special MIA/Scouting group that Matthew has been working with for the past few months. We did a craft involving leather stamping and sent the scouts and young women through an obstacle course that included shooting hoops, kicking soccer balls and finding the beauty and uniqueness of the nature surrounding us (this also including finding a "face" on a tree) Merwin Hanneberg was the host and one of the trees in his front yard had a scraggly looking face including eyes, nose and mouth on it. It looked like it was a yard decoration that he and Brit have had there for years. We ended the activity with lunch that included hamburgers, hot dogs and roasting marshmallows in the fire pit.

After the activity at Merwin and Brit's home Matthew and I were headed to the other side of the lake to enjoy a summer get together with the ward choir. Matthew and I joined the choir so that we could meet and connect with people in the ward a little bit faster since when we first moved to the area we didn't know anyone. I love our choir. As we often say, we may be few, but when it counts we are mighty! As we were getting ready to leave for the ward choir activity Merwin told us we should just use his canoe to head across the lake! So Matthew and I jumped in the canoe and paddled across!

We enjoyed spending time and talking with our choir friends, as well as eating more good food. We also gave some canoe rides to the children that were there. It was a perfect day to be on the lake.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Anniversary Quincys!

This weekend we celebrated knowing Jack and Steph Quincy for a year by going to where it all started...The Bite of Seattle. We feel so blessed to have the Quincys in our life!

And of course we couldn't leave without some corn!!(If you don't recall, the first time we went to Bite of Seattle Steph was pregnant with Jamison and she loooved the corn!)

PUs Visit

This past week we have been happy to host Matthew's parental units (PUs). We were very excited to show them some of the things we have enjoyed while exploring Seattle over the past year and even more excited to discover some new, beautiful sites.

They arrived early Friday evening so we decided to take them on a walk along one of the many trails near our home. The trial we took led us to a man made lake known as Larsen Lake, although it reminds me more of a pond. There is a trail surrounding the lake as well as blueberry bushes where people come to pick when the season is right. After wandering around the pond we headed back towards home and took a small detour through the cemetery surrounding our apartment complex. Matthew and I have found this to be a great place to view the city and catch a good sunset since it's at the top of a hill. While we were at the cemetery, Matthew and his dad discovered a small putting green with putters and golf balls. It was surrounded by a memorial of people in the area who enjoyed playing golf.

Saturday morning we took the PUs to a yummy bakery just across the street from our apartment complex called Fuji Bakery then we headed towards downtown Seattle to explore the typical tourist hot spots including:  Pike Place Market, the Space Needle and the pier. Then we headed towards Fremont for the tour at Theo Chocolate, to see the Troll and other random statues as well as grab some grub at Blue C Sushi.

The yummy selections from Fuji Bakery

Our ride on the monorail from Seattle Center to Pike Place Market

We stopped to see the fish throwers in the market

This band was playing and we stopped to listen. It just so happened to be the same band that was playing the first time Matthew and I visited Pike Place Market. Their name is Morrison Boomer and we think they are awesome. This time we decided to buy a CD and so did the PUs.

Some shots at Seattle Center

Fremont statues

The Troll and the 3 Billy Goats Gruff

I forgot about the closed toed shoe rule at Theo, so they gave me footies. I kinda felt like an Oompa Loompa.

Food at Blue C was conveyor belt style.

Sunday after church we decided to grill some steaks on the tabletop grill the PUs gave us as an early Christmas gift. Along with the steaks Matthew made his scrumptious mashed red potatoes and Cynda cut up veggies for a yummy salad. After enjoying our food creations we hopped in the PUs car and started towards Anacortes and the hotel we were staying at so we could catch an early ferry to San Juan Island Monday morning.

On our way to the hotel the PUs' car temporarily malfunctioned and we had to spend some time in a fairly empty parking lot. We had been playing the alphabet game(the one where you find the letters of the alphabet in order) so while in the parking lot we tried to find a few more letters.

Bright and early Monday morning we were in line to hop the ferry to San Juan Island. While waiting we ate some snacks and Cynda braided my hair. When we got on the ferry we headed to the deck to enjoy the view and get some pictures. Although it is mid-July it still gets pretty chilly and breezy on the ferry.

This time a year is whale watching season and many see whales particularly when visiting the islands. After some research and talking to a few friends many suggested we avoid getting on a whale watching boat and just head to the beaches of the island to try and get a glimpse.

Before heading to the beach we decided to explore The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor. It was a quaint museum, but full of interesting facts and cool whale (as well as other animal) bones.

After the museum we headed to the other side of the island and landed at Lime Kiln Lighthouse. We stopped in at the visitors center first, where Matthew and I found the perfect magnet. I have to say that since we decided that magnets would be our go-to trip souvenir I have become a bit of a magnet snob. I don't want just any magnet, I want something unique. I want something that gives off the essence of our experience and I think this was one of the best magnets we have thus far.

A beautiful tree we found why exploring around the land surrounding the lighthouse.

The lighthouse itself was beautiful. We were allowed to go into the main house of the lighthouse, but not the tower. Even so, the scene around the lighthouse was beautiful and upon further exploration we found it was full of life! Matthew, Steve and I hand a fun time exploring the nooks and crannies of the rocks right at the edge of the land. It was also fun to see all the sea kayakers. It made me want to jump in a boat and explore.

Purple Starfish and a tiny crab

Can you see the jellyfish?

Can you see the seal?

After the Lime Kiln Lighthouse we headed towards Cattle Point Lighthouse and stopped at a bay on the way to skip some rocks.

When we got to the parking lot for the Cattle Point Lighthouse, we saw a trail and started to follow it, but it soon became pretty overgrown and we weren't quite sure how to get up close to the lighthouse so we settled for taking faraway shots and heading back towards Friday Harbor for some grub.

He always finds a way to find Dead Ends

After wandering around a bit we decided to eat at Blue Water Bar and Grill. We were not disappointed! This place had some great food. I had the fish tacos, Matthew had some coconut prawns, Cynda had the fish and chips and Steve had an oyster shooter followed by their blackened halibut burger. We were all stuffed yet satisfied as we headed back to the ferry.

On Tuesday we started towards home, but took a different route than the one we came on. We headed through Deception Pass and onto Whidbey Island, but before we got that far we stopped for a little sea adventure. We decided to go sea kayaking after all. We had a good time, saw some animal life, ate some kelp right out of the sea and even ventured into a small cave of sorts.

On Wednesday we took the PUs on one last adventure before they headed back home. We took them to Snoqualmie Falls. They are doing some construction on and near the falls so the hiking trail to the base of the falls is still closed until next year, but it is still a sight to behold. We spent half our time admiring the falls and the other half trying to figure out what the construction workers were doing.

All in all it was a wonderful visit and we were sad to see the PUs leave. Time certainly flies by when we are having fun with them.