Saturday, May 19, 2012

Say Cheese!

This weekend our friend, The Architect, stopped through Seattle on her way back home from a school trip to Vancouver, BC. We met up with her at Pike Place Market where we enjoyed a great sushi-filled lunch as well as the spectacles that come along with Pike Place including the ever so beautiful flowers. While in the market, Matthew and I also realized that an all too familiar scene was taking place. We happened upon, once again, the Cheese Festival. When we visited Seattle for the first time a year ago we also came upon the Cheese Festival while exploring the market.

Picture courtesy of The Architect

Us and the Cheese!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Woolf vs Seattle

Our good friend Anthony Woolf came up to Seattle for some Army training and had some time to hang out with us, so we decided to take him around Fremont. We've been to Fremont several times, but it is a great place to bring people because of the random statues you find, the great chocolate factory and all the good food!

We started by looking for a place to eat and found a mexican restaurant so we went in. The vibe of the place was really nice, but when we saw the price of the food it was a little more than we wanted to pay, so we slipped out before our waiter came back. It would have gone smoothly, but I add clumsy to most things and as I got up my purse got stuck to a chair and I tripped. Luckily I caught myself, but not before hitting my one of my fingers. It began to swell immediately, but that didn't stop us from enjoying our evening together.

The restaurant we fled

We decided to see a few statues while trying to figure out what else sounded good to eat and then we came across a gourmet burger place that the boys were insistent on trying, so Blue Moon Burgers it was! And the food did not disappoint. Matthew, of course, put everything he could think of on his burger including a fried egg,  grilled pineapple, bacon and more. Anthony Woolf order chili cheese tater tots, which I think was the best thing I ate!

The drawbridge went up while we were standing there. We waited at the light forever.

After eating we decided to bring Anthony to The Troll, but found something new along our way. There was a random picture frame statue in the middle of the sidewalk! After a brief photo shoot we finally made it to the troll and I think Anthony liked it!

Even though we were stuffed from dinner the boys stilled wanted to try the dessert at pie. Matthew and I split a cherry pie while Anthony Woolf had a hot chocolate cream pie that had a spanish spice that gave it a kick. We had such a good time with Anthony Woolf and were grateful that he could share some of his time in Seattle with us!