Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lucky Number 7

E is now 7 months old! She spent much of the first half of this month naked because of a rash on her bottom. I'm not sure who it was harder on: E because she was bored of playing with the same toy and being confined to a towel-sized space or Matthew and I because of all the extra laundry and constant need of keeping a towel under E. Luckily now it is all cleared up and E is free to roll around the living room floor.

That's right, she is officially rolling all over now, although she mostly rolls to the left. But everyday we practice going to the right and she does it on her own more and more.

E is sitting up better and better and falling over less and less. She even tries reach out for toys and then comes back to the sitting position.

She also is making attempts to reach for toys out of her reach she when on her tummy. She hasn't quite figured out how to scoot herself forward, but I wouldn't be surprised if she starts army crawling any day now.

We had a house guest this month so we put E's crib in our room and we learned that E sleeps better in her own space, needless to say we had many a long night with her waking up 2-3 times. We really enjoyed having Andrew stay with us, but we are glad E has her own space again.

E still loves to roar and make all sorts of noises. I love when she roars right at me and clenches her fists. Her whole body tenses up and when she's done she stops and laughs or smiles.

We started E's first fruits and veggies this month. These included sweet potatoes, applesauce, carrots, bananas and squash. E had a variety of reactions to these foods, but has never completely refused any of them.

Sweet Potato



Playing with her food

E also started trying a sippy cup. So far she just chews on the spout or the water gets all over her, but she gets excited when she sees it.

I put the cup next to her and next thing I know she's picking i up with her foot!

E went swinging for the first time. She really enjoyed it too. I think part of the enjoyment was the motion and the other part the wind through her hair. She still loves a good breeze.

We did a lot of fun stuff together this month including blueberry picking, a triathlon and a trip to Maine.

E continues to love story time, people watching, playing peek-a-boo and doing "ta-dah" after a diaper/wardrobe change.

She also still has a great sense of humor and is flexible and easy-going with all of mommy and daddy's silly antics.

One of my favorite things to do still is to watch her explore and discover. I'm sure with her inevitable increase in mobility her sense of adventure and curiosity will only grow and I'm excited!

Hanging out with her friends R and M

Wrestling Elephants