Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Balloon Manor

Today E and I met up with Janae and little L to explore the depths of a balloon ocean! The entire exhibit was enchanting. We were amazed at all the detail and creativity. It was hard for me to stop taking pictures!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Not So Unlucky 13

E has loved her birthday gifts this past month. Our friend's the Zinke's gave her a balloon and she loves to play with it. She played with it until it finally shrank down to it's former shape.

She has also enjoyed her new activity box. She will stand up at it and dance, play with the beads, open and close the doors hiding the zoo animals and squeal as mommy and daddy let go of the knobs and watch as they topple to the bottom.

And the bath toys have been a big hit! She loves the bath more and more, especially when we actually let her play for a while rather than take her right out after she's clean. She loves to splash the water and throw her toys.

E still loves her animals. Monkey seems to be one of her favorites right now. Anytime she grabs an animal she gives it"kisses" (more like bites) and "hugs" (more like squeeze to death).

Her hair is getting longer and longer all the time. It is fun to pull it up every now and then, but it definitely makes her look more like a toddler than a baby.

I'm pretty sure E is also getting her 8th tooth in, but no true evidence has sprouted as of yet.

Not only did E help us celebrate Valentines Day, as well as National Pancake Day this month, but we also decided to embrace the coldest winter ever by taking a trip to Niagara Falls!

Well, I am no longer taking a picture of E everyday, but we are still having fun and she is still so happy. My goal is to still take plenty of pictures so we can continue to capture and remember this time of fast growth and change. She is so happy and brings so much light into our lives.